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Please tell us your:

If your name has changed please tell us your previous name below, this information will help us to trace your records.

 Help for National Insurance number (NINO)

If you have recently changed address please tell us your old address.


Further details

Please tell us the full name and date of birth of a child you receive Child Benefit for.



Part 1 About the change

We need some more information. This is because the change in your circumstances may affect your Child Benefit or any Child Benefit paid to your partner.

We use partner to mean a person you are married to, a civil partner, or a person you are living with as if you are married or as a civil partner.

Please tell us the date you started to live with your partner.


If your name has changed, please confirm below if you changed it legally or if you are known by your new name.


Part 2 About your partner

Is your partner already getting Child Benefit or waiting to hear if they can get Child Benefit?

If yes, please tell us their full name, Child Benefit number and the full name and date of birth of the eldest child they claim for.



Part 3 About the children you are claiming for

Has there been any change in the surname of any children you claim Child Benefit for?

If you or your partner want to claim for a new child, that neither of you are already claiming for, you can find guidance on how to make a claim on our website. You should complete this form first before going to the website as you will lose any information you have already given if you do not.


Part 4 How we pay Child Benefit

For people who are not paid direct into an account

Our normal method of paying Child Benefit is direct into a bank, building society or Post Office® card account.

Do you have an account you would like your Child Benefit paid into?

If Yes we will contact you about this soon. Please go to Part 6.

For people who are paid direct into an account

Has there been any change in the information we have about your account?

If No please go to part 6


Part 5 If your account details have changed

We need to know whose account you want your Child Benefit paid into.

You can have your Child Benefit paid into an account held by you for a child. If you want to use this type of account, please tick the first box. We cannot pay your Child Benefit into an account in a child's name or into an account in your name and a child's name. Child Benefit can only be paid into one account for each family.

Whose account? Please tick one box

Please note: If the account includes the name of someone acting on your behalf, you are confirming that they will use the money in the way you tell them to.


Please tick the box against the type of account you want your Child Benefit paid into. Then fill in the account details. You will find your account details on you cheque book, pass book or statements.

For Post Office® card accounts write 'Post Office'

Please tell us all six numbers, for example 12-34-56

Not a deposit account

Not a mortgage account or business account

Please tell us all six numbers, for example 12-34-56

Not an ordinary account


Part 6 Other


Are you receiving tax credits? You must tick the appropriate checkbox below.

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the above question, have you told tax credits of this change? You must tick the appropriate checkbox below.

If you answered ‘No’ to the above question, the Child Benefit Office will arrange for your tax credit records to be updated.


Part 7 Declaration

I understand that if I give information that is incorrect or incomplete, action may be taken against me. I declare that the information I have given on this form is correct and complete.

By submitting information through this page of our site, the transfer of your information to us is secure, but our reply to you by e-mail over the internet is not. Please confirm that you are content for us to correspond to your enquiry, which may contain some relevant personal details, by e-mail in these circumstances. Please tick this box to confirm your agreement.

If you are not content to correspond with us under these circumstances please return to our web site for an alternative service.


After you click the 'Next' button you will see a preview page summarising the information you have provided. If this page is not displayed please use the scroll bar to locate any missing or incorrect entries highlighted in red