Business Expenses and Benefits Support

09/05/2018 13:29:30
We have a variety of products to help you determine what can be claimed as an expense and benefit for your business.
These include online guides and both live and recorded webinars.

Why not check out our page on GOV.UK to help you run your business effectively.

Help and Support for Employing People

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Business Expenses and Benefits Support

08/03/2019 08:34:32
Hello my name is Nicusor I’m a full time employee and I use my personal car for work the company that I’m working for they don’t pay any petrol all of the money spend on Petrie is from my pocket, is it any way that I can claim money back , because I’m spending 250£/month from my pocket

Re:Business Expenses and Benefits Support

11/03/2019 13:02:39
Hi Nicusor,

You can claim for business miles by writing to HMRC or by completing a form P87.

Please follow the attached link to access this online:

Claim Income Tax relief for your employment expenses (P87)