Payroll and NI for director

01/08/2017 14:03:46

I am a director of a new company. I plan to take dividends and a salary from the company. I also have an employment at another job.
What are my payroll and NI responsibilities? Can I run one payroll run per year at the end of March? Do I have to register for NI?

Thank you


Re:Payroll and NI for director

02/08/2017 09:22:54
Hello Jeremy
Thank you for your recent post.
If you pay employees/directors only once a year then you can request an ‘annual scheme, for payroll from us. At present you need to contact the employer helpline after registering as an employer to do this.
More information and contact details can be found via the link below (just scroll down until you see the heading ‘Annual payroll scheme for PAYE’
With regard to NI for directors, contributions are worked out from annual earnings rather than from what they earn in each period. Again, there is more information via the link below