How do I ask a question?

02/11/2018 14:02:43
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How do I ask a question?

14/11/2018 11:07:43
Hi, would you please advise me whether sub-contractors who require a deduction under the Construction Industry Scheme have to have a deduction made on every aspect of the scheme, (i.e. including the servicing of auto doors ), or only the things listed in the guide? sorry to have to bother you with this but we haven't used a deductible contractor for a long time and I want to get it right? thank you in advance.

Re:How do I ask a question?

15/11/2018 11:07:28
Thanks for your question.

If a contract includes some work that is within the scheme and some that isn’t anything to do with construction at all, then all payments made under that contract will come within the scheme - even if shown on separate invoices. These types of contracts are often referred to as mixed contracts.

We have more information, particularly in Appendix A of our guide here:

Construction Industry Scheme: a guide for contractors and subcontractors (CIS 340)

I hope this helps.