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Thank you to everybody who participated in our Q&A session this afternoon. We hope you found it useful.

We are now at the end of the hour and are closing the board for any further questions.

We will continue to reply to posts already submitted, please keep an eye on the board for responses.

In the unlikely event we haven't responded to you, please check your personal messages, as there may be a reason for why we haven't been able to release your question onto the Forum.

If you have any questions in future, please feel free to ask them on our Self Assessment board.

Thanks again, and we hope to see you on the HMRC Online Customer Forum soon.

Welcome to Self Assessment Question and Answer session on Tuesday 18th December 13:00 - 14:00! - NOW OPEN

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How do I ask a question?
Asking a question on the forum couldn’t be easier.

You will see in the top right hand corner a green button called ‘New Topic’. Click this.

You will then see a ‘subject’ box, type in here a brief summary of what your query relates to. Below this is a box , the ‘message body’, where you can type the details of your question/query.

Please remember not to include any personal information when posting on the forum.

Please also take part in our poll and leave us your feedback on our Question and Answer sessions feedback board. We really do appreciate your comments and thoughts, and use these to try and continually improve our service to you.

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