Chargeable Event Certificate

10/01/2019 16:40:04
Please can you advise me re a Chargeable Event Certificate that I have received from Inland Revenue.
I am self employed, how do I enter the details from this form on my online Self Assessment Tax Return?

The certificate gives details of:

Insurer's Details
Policy Details
My Details
Type of Event: 05
Number of Years: 15
Date of Event: June 2017
Amount of Gain rounded down: £xxx
Amount of tax treated as paid rounded up: £ xx

I would appreciate your assistance.
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Re:Chargeable Event Certificate

10/01/2019 17:12:49

Thanks for your question.

In section 3 - Tailor your return- go to page two of three, and say Yes to the question - did you have any other UK income, in section 4 scroll down to the heading - other UK income and click on this, then tick the box that asks about gains from life insurance policies, this will then bring up the page that you need, in the first box enter the amount of the gain , then in the second box enter the number of years, this is all you need to show, you do not need to show the tax that was deducted.

I hope this helps, if you have any further questions please post them to our general Self Assessment board or join our Q&A session from 6pm-7pm today.

We have a board set up for this on the forum that will be open for questions from 6pm.