Non resident tax allowance

17/01/2019 15:34:40

I have taken the overseas test and have concluded that I am non-resident of the UK and living in Thailand, I have a one bedroom flat in the UK It was our home but now I rent it out to a tenant . I have calculated my profit it is 3,400 GBP. I have read some sections of the HMRC website one in particular says that non-Residents still have an allowance before tax is this still true for 2017/2018 Self Assessment? If so how much allowance are Non-Residents allowed? This is my only Income in the UK anything I earn in Thailand does not come to the UK. Thanks d

Re:Non resident tax allowance

17/01/2019 16:18:39
Thanks for your question.

Some non residents would be entitled to claim personal allowances. I have given you a link to our residency page notes which will tell you whether you can claim dependant upon your circumstances:

Residence, remittance basic etc notes

I hope this helps.