Hi munho lee,

We are unable to release your post as it contains personal information. I have copied your post below minus the personal information.

"Currently, I can not log on HMRC site (I do no know the reason why?),that is why I am trying to check the mail messages from HMRC a few days ago I got. The mail says: Re transaction ... in respect of VAT, please log on to the HMRC portal and access the communications area to check new information about this transaction. Use the same user id and password as you used to create the transaction. I registered for a voluntary registration for a vat number for a small business/foreign based. Could you(anybody) kindly show me the ways the log in restoration and the short explanation about the message above"

I’m sorry you are having trouble accessing your online account.

If you can’t login I would advise to check your User ID and password.

Your User ID will be 12 characters long and the User ID will have been generated for you by the online system and shown on the screen when you created the account.

Your password should be between 8-12 characters, have at least one number, have at least one letter and not contain any special characters.

The password is something that you will have created yourself.

If you are still having issues logging in to view your messages I would recommend to call the helpline on 0300 200 3700.

Thank you.