Triangulation & VAT 2

21/03/2019 15:52:37
3rd Party imports goods to their UK subsidiary company dealing with all import requirements.
a. 3rd Party’s UK Subsidiary company invoices UK business’s EU sister company (who has a UK VAT number) should VAT be charged? Then EU sister company invoices UK Business should VAT be charged? Can UK Business and EU sister company recover VAT and how?
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Re:Triangulation & VAT 2

22/03/2019 18:52:08

Due to the complex nature of your enquiry I would advise you to contact the advice line to talk this through with an advisor, as you are also mentioning customs terms too you may need to speak to someone in the Excise part of the helpline as well.

Telephone no: 0300 200 3700

I hope this helps.