Exporting goods via EU to non-EU member destinations

27/03/2019 11:19:01
We are a UK resident manufacturing company and sell 'ex-works Italy' to various customers of non-EU member states ( meaning our end customer picks up goods from warehouse in Italy) . The goods transit via EU to a final destination outside of EU. In this scenario, despite the ex-works location being in Italy , is the end customer still the exporter and importer of goods across the UK border so declaration will need to be made by end customers?
Also, will there is additional documentation required for product transiting through EU and what will this be?
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Re:Exporting goods via EU to non-EU member destinations

22/05/2019 13:34:27

Thanks for your question.

If the UK manufacturer is not selling ex-works in the UK and is sending the goods to the warehouse in Italy then the manufacturer is entirely responsible for customs export declarations at the UK port of export.

Movements from the UK through EU member states may in certain circumstances be completed under the Common Transit Convention which reduces the number of declarations in the movement. The exporter would have to put up financial security before the goods move. However, if the UK exporter loses control of those goods the security becomes forfeit.