Getting Set Up for Self Assessment

17/04/2019 12:04:05
I've just gone through the process with very nice HMRC staff of getting set up so I get sent an activation code.

I went to log in to the gateway and put my UTR Code in and the password but it said to put in a different UTR Code as that was didn't relate to password.

I went to reset the password and got a link but it just referred me to HMRC, I rang HMRC and that sends me here - I'd really just like to speak to someone as I don't want to delay the process and im concerned ive done something wrong.

I know my UTR, its been inputted correctly
I know my password - that too imputed correctly
I don't have an activation code yet - is this why the account gives me the error message?

confused and don't want to delay the process.

Getting Set Up for Self Assessment

17/04/2019 13:01:55
Hi-the activation code comes through the post. You have to peel off the section at the bottom. It could take a while to come up. Returns have to be done by 31 January 2020 so there is no panic.

Re:Getting Set Up for Self Assessment

29/04/2019 08:32:51

I would suggest that you speak to someone in our online services helpdesk who should be able to assist you with this issue, especially where you are sure that your UTR is correct.

Please find their contact details here:

Technical support with HMRC online services