Car fuel benefit removed but Company car kept

25/04/2019 11:32:50
My employee has given up car fuel benefit after the start of tax year 2019/20 but kept the same company car.
How do I report this to HMRC?
I found how to report a change of car or withdrawal of car on line but not a change or withdrawal of fuel
Thanks for your help

Re:Car fuel benefit removed but Company car kept

26/04/2019 13:18:15

Your employee can let us know if they stop receiving fuel for private use in their company car via their Personal Tax Account if they have one. I have attached a link to the GOV.UK website which covers tax on company benefits. Please see the information and link under the heading ‘Check or update your company car tax’.

If your employee cannot use their PTA then they can contact us directly. Again, I have attached a link with our contact details

I hope this helps.

Thank you