Help - Jan-Mar 2019 VAT return

26/04/2019 14:15:44
Hi - Please can someone help me find how to submit my VAT return via HMRC website as before.

I know that returns from April will need to be online (and am using quickbooks at the moment for this purpose)

However, I had signed up for the pilot scheme but never got sent an activation code. Now I'm rather worried that this has erased my ability for file the first quarter of the year online with HMRC as I always have done before. I don't seem to have access to this form in my account.

Any advice appreciated.

Thank you

Help - Jan-Mar 2019 VAT return

26/04/2019 15:33:47
If you try to submit your return "the old way", and you have successfully signed up for MTD, then it will not let you.

You will need to submit your VAT return directly from Quickbooks (instructions can be found on the QB website).

Re:Help - Jan-Mar 2019 VAT return

29/04/2019 08:45:13

Signing up for the Pilot Scheme will have committed you to Making Tax Digital for VAT and the rules involved with that.

If you are unsure, please call our helpline on 0300 200 3701 for advice and they will direct you on the way forward.