Armed Forces Pension Scheme and Tax

29/04/2019 11:00:19
Hi There; I have an Armed Forces Pension currently Tax is deducted before each payment, and I have to do a self-employed self assessment at the end of the tax year and receive most of this tax (about 85% this year) back as an overpayment. However I've now given up work and want to know whether:
a. it is possible to change the tax code on these payments as it's a fair whack of tax each month,
b. I actually need to do a Tax return each year since this is now my only source of taxable income.

Re:Armed Forces Pension Scheme and Tax

29/04/2019 12:57:04

Without having access to your tax records there is now way of knowing why so much tax is being deducted from the pension and whether you still have any Self-assessment criteria.

I would suggest that you contact our helpline to discuss your personal situation:

Self Assessment: general enquiries

Thanks for your question.

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