01/05/2019 08:09:43
Hi I have recently submitted 3 VAT Returns to 31.03.19 using my new MTD software, my clients are already signed up for MTD.
Before MTD I always used to receive an e-mail from HMRC confirming that they have received the VAT Return (under the old method of submission)
However having submitted these 3 VAT returns under MTS my software confirms that they have been successfully submitted to HMRC but I have not received any confirmation from HMRC saying that they have received the returns.
I left it a week or so & went on to my clients tax account to see if the VAT Returns to 31.03.19 were showing on there but they are not.
How do I find out if HMRC have actually received them.
Do I have to wait until 10th May for the direct debit to come out of their bank accounts?
If the direct debit does not come out then obviously the VAT return was not received & then it will be too late.
Are HMRC sending out confirmations like they use to confirming receipt of a MTD VAT return?
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01/05/2019 10:13:45
Hi Debbie,

Thanks for your question.

As your MTD VAT returns are submitted through your specialised MTD software, HMRC will no longer send you an email confirmation for submission.

There are no current plans to provide a separate receipt for submissions, currently, we provide the software with a receipt reference number on receipt of the return, which we regard as sufficient confirmation that the return has been received.