Inaccurate letter from HMRC about late payments

01/05/2019 10:03:44
I received a letter from HMRC claiming that I had made late payments at some time and warning me of penalties that might occur if I didn't mend my ways.
1. No evidence was quoted such as dates and amounts
2. The letter had no return address or phone number to use for querying it (hence my post in this forum)
3. Our bank account shows all payments were scheduled and paid on the 8th, 9th or 10th of the following tax month
4. Our online tax account shows matching receipts
5. The letter was addressed to the charity's registered office even though you have my home address where I work from and my email which you usually communicate through (eg for tax codes etc)

So, why has this letter been sent (and where from?). I'd like to reply though it has already cost me time and worry when I could be doing something useful for the charity (unpaid of course) instead of checking accounts.

Re:Inaccurate letter from HMRC about late payments

01/05/2019 13:25:37
Thank you for your query.

I am sorry that contact details are not automatically provided on the letter you have received. Our letter will be issued for information only - to encourage employers to comply - and we do not expect a reply, however if anything is unclear then do please contact us with details.

If the correspondence you have received is in respect of your Employer PAYE account, then please ring our Employer Helpline on 0300 200 3200 to discuss the matter with one of our advisers. They will be able to go through each point of your query with you.

Alternatively, please write to the Employer Office at:
PT Operations
HM Revenue and Customs

If calling us, please ensure that you have your Employer PAYE reference and the correspondence to hand.

If you are writing to us please include your Employer PAYE reference. It would be helpful if, with your query, you would also include a copy of the correspondence.