CIS tax

01/05/2019 14:00:35

We make monthly payments for the following taxes.
Er's NI
Ee's NI
CIS tax deducted from our subcontractors.

We are also classed as a subcontractor and our customers deduct amounts from our invoices.
Should the amount that our customers have deducted from our invoices which they have paid over on their CIS returns be the amount we submit on our EPS return?

For example:
We pay
Paye/Ni £70,000
CIS £10,000

CIS deducted from our invoice £20,000 - should this £20,000 deducted be the figure on our EPS return?

Many thanks

Re:CIS tax

01/05/2019 15:35:18
Thank you for your query.

If it is a limited company and you have had CIS tax deducted from your work as a subcontractor, then you claim the credit for this tax deduction on your EPS.

Please see EPS: CIS deductions


CIS tax

10/05/2019 14:26:49
Thank you