Other allowable expenses

02/05/2019 07:07:03
Hi I am going to do my own tax return this year for my holiday let. I have the records from my accountant and I see that he has put an amount in against - other allowable expenses. What are these? I understand allowable expenses but don't know what the term other allowable expenses means. Thanks for your help. Debbie

Re:Other allowable expenses

02/05/2019 10:50:23
Hi Debbie,

The term means any other expenses which you can claim against the income.

It may not be obvious on the return which box you would enter the expense in.

If it is an allowable expense you would enter it in 'other allowable expenses'.

Please see the attached guidance regarding holiday lets:

HS253 Furnished holiday lettings (2019)

Income Tax when you let property: work out your rental income

Thanks for your question.

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Other allowable expenses

07/05/2019 13:59:23
Thanks for your help, I hope when I sign in it will all become very clear now! To be honest I don't have any experience so my input into a forum would not be minimal. Thanks once again. Debbie