very small amount of self-employment

07/05/2019 07:00:32
Hi, in the past I have worked as a self-employed locum pharmacist in addition to my salaried NHS position. I have therefore declared my self-employed income (max c. £6000 pa) on my self-assessment tax return.

In the tax year that has just ended I have done no self-employed work, and in future the only such income I might ever need to declare would be from for example an honorarium for teaching at a conference or similar.

1. should I complete the online form stating that my self-employment has ended (even if there is a small chance I may need to declare occasional small payments in future)?
2. do I need to do anything wrt Making Tax Digital or any other new regulations for self-employed persons?

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Re:very small amount of self-employment

07/05/2019 13:25:37

Thanks for your question.

It would be your choice to decide if your self-employment has ended or not. You can still record occasional work as other untaxed income in the Self Assessment if you are not registered as self-employed.

Being registered as self-employed may then require you to pay Class 2 National Insurance Contributions, if you wish to continue this.

At the moment Making Tax Digital for Businesses is only focussing on VAT, I would assume that this does not affect you at this time.

I hope this helps.

very small amount of self-employment

10/05/2019 13:25:25
It does, thanks!