07/05/2019 11:06:34
I have one client (of many) for whom I am unable to file a VAT return under MTD. After much investigation I have been told that there is likely to be an error at HMRC's end. The error code is in the "500" range which is an HMRC server error. My understanding is that the client is being pointed to the old gateway in error. This is not something that I can fix and I need HMRC to do something!

I filed in plenty of time anticipating errors but I am told that the MTD Team will call me back in 5 days! The return is now going to be late! NO ONE at HMRC seems able to help with this.

What am I supposed to do????


08/05/2019 11:18:48

Unfortunately, we are unable to help on this platform, and you will have to wait on your call-back from the relevant MTD team.

I am sorry that I cannot be of more help.