Xero MTD Submission Failing With an Ambiguous Error

08/05/2019 09:59:24
I am rather hoping that HMRC are monitoring this forum because I have a problem. When I try to submit my quarter ending March VAT return through Xero using their MTD option Xero throws an error. Xero have been trying to sort the problem for over a week now but as yet haven't succeeded.

I am now late submitting my VAT return but cant do anything about it. The HMRC portal no longer permits me to use it to submit the VAT return because I have registered for MTD.

I have tried calling HMRC half a dozen times to let them know I have a problem but after holding for a while a recorded voice says "Sorry we couldn't help you today. Goodbye" and disconnects the call .

I am between a rock and a hard place and in danger of being fined for a late a VAT return which is somewhat unfair to say the least.

Please get in touch.

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Re:Xero MTD Submission Failing With an Ambiguous Error

08/05/2019 10:47:00

I am really sorry but our helpline is very busy at present and I apologise that you were cut off.

We will need to access your records to resolve your query.

So unfortunately, I will need to ask you to persevere in contacting the VAT Online Helpdesk on 0300 200 3701 and when you get through ask to speak to a member of the Making Tax Digital Support Team.