HMRC says I have no outstan

08/05/2019 13:04:51
HMRC shows I have no outstanding vat returns however it does not show any submitted in 2019!

I did submit it using MTD on 01/05/19 so why wouldn't it show? Also doesn't show the payment from 01/05/19.

I cannot bring myself to call them at my cost in money and time - is there another way I can contact them?

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Re:HMRC says I have no outstan

08/05/2019 13:20:58
Hi Gill,

Thanks for your question.

We will need to access your records to answer your query.

You can contact our advisers on webchat if you are unable to phone us.

You can find our contact details, and links to webchat, at the following page:

VAT: general enquiries