** New YouTube guide to calculating motoring expenses**

03/01/2018 14:16:33

Click on the link below to find out how to calculate motoring expenses.

Calculating motoring expenses

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Re:** New YouTube guide to calculating motoring expenses**

20/01/2018 17:34:58
We rent out houses Are we entitled to a refund of car travel costs, it is about 10 miles to the property. Fopr example when a vacancy occurs we have to show prospective tenants round, the we have to let them into the property. When they leave there is in initial visit to see the state of the property, then take back the property when they leave. There may be repairs or redecoration to be done. We have 8 dwellings and 4 Barn units plus land, the garden requires maintenance and there are a lot of trees. The buildings are listed. Please advice if travel costs are refundable. Two of the properties have their own gardens but the other six properties have garden but they do not maintain them.

Re:** New YouTube guide to calculating motoring expenses**

23/01/2018 14:36:35

Here is a link to the instructions in the Property income manual in relation to travel to let properties.


Up until 5/4/2017, the 45 pence per mile option was not available for landlords and the motoring costs had to be calculated on an actual basis.

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