Right to work checks

09/05/2019 14:26:33

For the first time, we're taking on students as casual workers. They're being processed through payroll as employees. What are the options I have available for carrying out right to work checks? It's tricky as they're based all over the country, often many miles from one of our offices.
Is there an online service we can pay to carry out the checks for us? (Most of the employees are likely to be British Citizens, so the HMRC online check won't be any use to us)

Many thanks


Re:Right to work checks

13/05/2019 10:10:59

You have advised that most of the students are likely to be British Citizens. If the individual has a UK passport and is a British citizen then they are entitled to work in the UK. You must make a clear copy of their passport and ensure the copy includes the expiry date of the passport and the employees details.

The guidance is on the Government website at legal right to work in the UK

HMRC is not able to recommend an external service, which can carry out these checks for you. It is the employer's responsibility to ensure their employees have a legal right to work.

If you are employing students who are under 18, then there is guidance on the Government website at child employment

Hope this helps.