Sold our rental property Jan 18

09/05/2019 14:47:16
Paid capital gains and all dues in 18/19 tax year

Do I still need to go through an accountant this year as now no income that doesn't have tax taken at source

Advice appreciated.


Re:Sold our rental property Jan 18

10/05/2019 08:37:23

Thank you for your question. If the only reason that you were completing Self-Assessment tax returns was because of your rental income and this ceased in January 2018 you should not have to complete a Self-Assesment return for 2018-19, Any Capital Gain on your rental property would have been declared on your 2017-18 return. If you wish to confirm this please contact our helpline on 0300 200 3310, It is up to you as to whether you wish to go through an accountant. I hope this helps.

Sold our rental property Jan 18

10/05/2019 12:09:49
You don't have to but it depends on what the income is as to whether you have to do a return. Might you be a higher rate taxpayer? Might you be due a refund if you still have a balance of allowances?