De Registering from MTD

10/05/2019 08:25:32
My company has recently lost a contract since we registered for MTD and have made one VAT payment via the new system.
Losing the contract will result in the turnover being significantly less than £85K for 2019/20.
I have deregistered the company through the HMRC website, does this mean:
1 - We are deregistered from MTD only and VAT payments are still required through the previous method?
2 - We are deregistered from VAT entirely and no further payments are required?
Thank you

Re:De Registering from MTD

10/05/2019 11:43:19

There is not a facility to deregister for MTD through the online account. If you have specifically followed the steps to deregister in your online account then it would be referring to deregistering from VAT entirely.

If you have applied to deregister then you must await the decision for the outcome to be received as it may be declined. The process for cancelling your VAT registration is found here:

VAT Notice 700/11: cancelling your registration

Without accessing your account there is no way to check the process has been completed correctly. We are unable to access customer accounts on this forum.

You would need to contact the VAT Helpline and clear security to verify:

VAT: general enquiries

Thanks for your question.

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De Registering from MTD

10/05/2019 13:15:24

We have a client who we have recently registered for MTD, but they are now deregistering for VAT. We have had to do this by paper form as we can see no way to do it through our software. Should it be done through the software? Paper forms seems like a step backwards!


Re:De Registering from MTD

10/05/2019 16:06:22

You can cancel your registration online and make other changes by using the online service provided by HMRC.

If you want to cancel your VAT registration, you must log into your Government Gateway account and select ‘change registration details’.

This service provides details of what changes you can make including deregistration.

We have more information here:

Cancel registration

Thanks for your question.