is this one or two businesses?

13/05/2019 11:06:00
Hi I am registered as a sole trader. My main business supplies and fits vinyl stickers to vehicles, I do this from my home mostly but I also sell decals on ebay. I also have an e-commerce website where I sell vinyl stickers for walls. My website has a different name from my main business as it is targeting a different set of customers. I use the same suppliers for both and use the same materials and machinery for both.

Do I have to keep my records separate for these as they have different names? Or can I class them as the same business and keep all my records as one. I would prefer to keep them as one. If I keep them separate I will find it very difficult to split my expenses on each of my invoices which are addressed to my main business.

Thanks in advance

Re:is this one or two businesses?

13/05/2019 12:20:30

If the trade is of a similar nature then you would keep one set of accounts and expenses and complete one self employment page.

If the trades are not similar, for example a joiner and plumber, then you would keep two sets of accounts and expenses and complete two self employment pages.

We have more information here:

More than one business: HS220 Self Assessment helpsheet

How to calculate your taxable profits: HS222 Self Assessment helpsheet


Thanks for your question.

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is this one or two businesses?

13/05/2019 13:46:27
ok thank you, so to clarify it doesn't matter if they are both named different? Do I have to put both names on my invoices etc eg My Name trading as business 1 part of business 2? or does it not matter?

Re:is this one or two businesses?

13/05/2019 14:47:34

Assuming that you registered as a sole trader and not registered both trades separately then yes you can complete one self employment page and in the "Any other information" box you can clarify that both trades are the same with different names.

is this one or two businesses?

14/05/2019 06:49:22
ok great thanks for your help