Sending wages back from Malaysia to UK

14/05/2019 06:35:14
Hi all,

I moved to Malaysia in Oct 2013 and worked permanently in Malaysia up until now.
I have paid tax in Malaysia and managed to save up some money I want to take back with me when I move back to the UK at the end of this year.

I will be moving permanently back to the UK and I was / am a UK citizen (Born in the UK and lived there all my life up until Oct 2013).

The question I have is will I have to pay tax on the already earned money from Malaysia?
If so, is it best to leave all of my money in Malaysia?


Re:Sending wages back from Malaysia to UK

14/05/2019 08:12:33

If you have been a non-resident in the UK since 2013 and paid all your taxes abroad then you will not pay tax on the money that you are transferring from abroad as it has already been taxed as income.

The only thing that you would have to declare is investment income that may arise on the capital if you put it into an interest baring account.

You will need to notify HMRC that you have returned to the UK as you will be a resident and subject to UK tax from the date that you arrive on your UK or foreign income.

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