Capital Gains on Selling Rental Property

14/05/2019 06:44:48
Hi there,

I would like to confirm how to calculate Capital Gains on our rental property. We are thinking of selling our only property that we lived in for several years after we first bought it. During that time we invested money to update the bathroom, kitchen, wiring, plumbing etc (no structural changes though) and so increased the value of the property. Recently we moved overseas and have been renting it out. Do we calculate the capital gains based on the value the property has increased since the day we bought it or do we calculate it from the day we moved out?

Thank you

Re:Capital Gains on Selling Rental Property

14/05/2019 10:55:28

Thank you for your question.

You can find general information regarding Capital Gains Tax on disposal of property on our website under the following link;

Tax when you sell property

Information regarding disposal of a UK property by a non-resident can be found at:

HS 290

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