ASA Account - Taxes & Schemes

15/05/2019 08:16:04

I have set up the ASA account and followed the steps to link it to my old government gateway for VAT & SA. After this process I got a confirmation screen to state that the ASA account has been linked to the government gateway account.

Now, on my ASA account there are no clients showing - should my VAT & SA client be listed on the ASA Account?

Also,, on the ASA account, under 'Taxes & Schemes' the only scheme showing is HMRC Agent Services - there is no scheme listed for VAT or SA - should there be? If so, how do I go about getting these listed?

Re:ASA Account - Taxes & Schemes

15/05/2019 10:13:55

This function is not being made available through Making Tax Digital. The client list functionality will be provided by your Making Tax Digital compatible software and you should check with your software supplier the type of client lists available.

It’s correct that your Agent Services Account only shows the HMRC Agent Services under ‘Taxes & Schemes’.