MTD -payment date, DD taken for correct amount

16/05/2019 07:37:46
We got all set up for MTD, and submitted our return for end of March via Xero.

All good, all acknowledged.

I then went into the Xero on 8th May to confirm monies to transfer over from our VAT account to the current account that has the direct debit set up.

Xero said I was a day late with my payment.

I logged into my online HMRC VAT account, which that same day had a message confirming that the direct debit was all set up and payment would be taken on the 10th.

I thought this was therefore a Xero glitch.

My direct debit went out on the 10th for the correct amount that was submitted via MTD using Xero.

I logged into my online HMRC VAT account same day, and that too said I was late.

Am very confused. I have a DD that is communicating with my Xero MTD so HMRC know what to debit, but the date that HMRC take the payment is wrong?

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Re:MTD -payment date, DD taken for correct amount

16/05/2019 09:31:39

Thanks for your question.

If you are paying by Direct Debit, payments will be collected automatically from your bank account 3 working days after the payment deadline on your VAT return. So the payment for your March return would be collected on 10 May 2019.

We would need to check your records to find our why your HMRC account said the payment was late.

Please contact the VAT Online Helpdesk, by phone or webchat. You can find our contact details at the following page of our website:

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MTD -payment date, DD taken for correct amount

16/05/2019 11:41:26
Many thanks HRMC Admin 50, that is correct payment was taken 10th, but it said this was late.
Will contact the online helpdesk to see why.