Unable to submit VAT return although registered

17/05/2019 11:28:31
In February I set up an agents account and connected a client that has given authorisation. This was a lengthy process as a few things didn't go smoothly.
Online the Agent Account exists - though I don't see the clients details and do not have access to access to add a service.
I've now tried submitting the clients VAT return through MTD but it states either the client or Agent isn't authorised. But they are.
The old agent online access states I must use MTD as the client is authorised to do so.
I now have no way to submit the clients VAT return.
I've called many times and after going through the lengthy phone system I'm told by the machine no one can take the call as itstoo busy. I've submitted faults online 5 days ago and no one has come back to me.
I see no way forward with this and no support forthcoming. I've tried every online route I can find and keep coming to a dead end. Due to other commitments I'm running out of available time to submit the Clients return. What happens if I'm unable to submit?
Should I design my own excel spreadsheet version of the VAT return and put it in the post like we did 25 years ago?
There's clearly something wrong with the set up of my agent account or the client that should be linked....who can help when the phone line is too busy to take calls and the online log is now 5 days old and no-one has called?
I'm not normally a negative person but I'm so fed up of how much of my time this process is taking.

Re:Unable to submit VAT return although registered

20/05/2019 07:38:30

Our helpline is very busy at present and I apologise that you were not able to get through.

You would not be able to file a manual return as in most cases file online either through the portal if applicable or if signed up for Making Tax Digital (whether that being above or below the threshold) by using compatible software.

However, there is specific circumstances when you may be able to file by post found here:

How to submit your return

This may not be relevant to yourself.

If the return is considered late then it would follow HMRC’s guidelines for a default surcharge. If any surcharges have been raised to the account then you would need to follow the information from Default surcharge (VAT Notice 700/50) which advises of grounds for appeal and how to do so.

Unfortunately, I will need to ask you to persevere in contacting the VAT Online Helpdesk as they would need to access the record, which we are unable to on this platform, by phone or webchat.

You can find our contact details at the following page of our website:

Get help using VAT online services

From your post it would appear that you are a tax agent and this and future posts may be more appropriate to the HMRC Agent Forum.

Please follow the following instructions to join the HMRC Agent Forum:

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