Business mileage tax relief for PAYE

20/05/2019 06:37:19
I'm PAYE and i receive a business mileage allowance of 11p per mile. I know i can make a claim on a P87 form but my expense claim is near £5000. I've registered for a self assessment as advised but i'm not sure what section i need to fill in. Can someone advise or offer further guidance. Thanks

Re:Business mileage tax relief for PAYE

20/05/2019 13:52:22

To claim tax relief on business mileage for your PAYE Employment you would complete the employment section of the Self-Assessment tax return (using your P60/P45) and the at the bottom of the page say yes to the question "Do you wish to claim any employment expenses or capital allowances while working for EMPLOYER?"

Mileage would then be claimed on the next page in the box titled "Business travel and subsistence expenses".