Deductions for lunch/subsistence

23/05/2019 06:17:36
I am fairly new to doing my taxes and hoping for some clarity on claiming expenses for subsistence.

I am a sole trader working as a floor layer, subcontracting to several stores. From there I cover a large area of work and can travel alot but very rarely overnight.

My query with regards to subsistence is for food and fluids during the working day, 99% of my days involve the purchase of a meal deal from the likes of Tesco, co OP, etc for usually about £3.
Is this classed as a subsistence allowable expense?
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Re:Deductions for lunch/subsistence

23/05/2019 07:47:22

Thanks for your question.

No, this is not an allowable expense, please see the attached link from our business income manual that explains this,


Deductions for lunch/subsistence

28/05/2019 06:36:47
Many thanks for clearing that up, I was receiving what appeared to be conflicting information but that link explained the conflicts.