Transferring Personal Property to a Company

28/05/2019 07:20:06
I personally own one property bought before the stamp duty sur charge was introduced. I want to buy a larger property to live in. If I set up a new company and transfer my existing property into that new company so that I can personally buy the new larger proprty without the surcharge, will i have to pay stamp duty on the transfer of the existing property into the new company at the higher stamp duty rate based on market value? Will I be able to deduct the stamp duty paid originally back in 2014?

Re:Transferring Personal Property to a Company

28/05/2019 10:56:42

Thank you for your question. We do not deal with queries regarding Stamp Duty on the forum. General guidance on Stamp Duty can be found at the following link
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Details of how to contact the relevant department can be found at
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