MTD VAT free software

13/06/2019 11:06:53
Hi David,

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The HMRC site to which a link was provided during the MTD VAT webinar (https://www.gov.uk/guidance/find-software-thats-compatible-with-making-tax-digital-for-vat#search-for-software), lists companies with 'software in development' - many of which are additions to existing accounts packages.

Is this a definitive list of acceptable software?

Is there some form of testing/certification/approval required from HMRC or can one use any software that works?

For example, I found this company - https://vitaltax.uk/ . which seems to provide free bridging software for Excel for MTD VAT and links to HMRC's API, but is not listed on the HMRC site.

Can I use it if it works or can I not because it is not listed on the HMRC site?

Re:MTD VAT free software

13/06/2019 15:39:50

The list of suppliers with software in development is not definitive although it is updated regularly. If you have found a supplier not listed on our site, and their software works, then you can use it.

Please note however that HMRC does not recommend or endorse any one product or software provider and is not responsible for any problems you have with software.

We do have a Software Developer Team, who provide technical information and support to software developers during the development and testing of their products relating to HMRC services only.

I hope this helps

MTD VAT free software

19/06/2019 07:32:21
If you are planning to use a software package that is not listed by HMRC on GOV.UK, then please ensure that the software developer can assure you that the product is MTD compatible and they have tested their APIs to confirm that they connect to HMRC.
Nearly 300 software products have been tested in an HMRC environment, meaning that they have demonstrated that the software will connect to HMRC via their APIs. At this point they will be listed on GOV.UK.
I hope this helps a little more.

MTD VAT free software

19/06/2019 10:49:45
Hi Can you help me please. My VAT period return is for March/April/May 2019 to be submitted by the 30th June. Because it starts before the Making Tax Digital kicks in (April 2019) can I submit this VAT quarter on the old style method online or has it to be split between 2 methods?
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Re:MTD VAT free software

19/06/2019 15:04:34

Thanks for your question.

The Making Tax Digital rules apply from your first VAT period starting on or after 1 April 2019. A ‘VAT period’ is the inclusive dates covered by your VAT Return.

As long as you have not signed up for Making Tax Digital then you can file using the online portal for this period but making tax digital rules will take effect for next return in frequency.

VAT Notice 700/22: Making Tax Digital for VAT - section 2