is this classed as foreign income....?

06/01/2018 21:41:48
I earn a living from my youtube channel and online in general, however all the money I receive is from the US in Dollars in regular payments, I convert every payment into GBP of course and into my bank, payments are received via paypal so there is some slight loss during the conversion also, which is annoying, it is not taxed in the US as I have tax withholdings with all companies that pay me so I have to tax it in UK on my self assessment, but what I am asking is, is all this money from the US classed as foreign income and I have to fill out that specific section on the self assessment? Or do I simply just class it as standard income as I do convert all payments in GBP anyway.

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Re:is this classed as foreign income....?

08/01/2018 11:57:54

If the foreign income is self employment income, the income should be included on the self employment section of the tax return. There would only be a requirement to complete the foreign section if foreign tax had been deducted from that income.
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