Simplified Tax Return Advice

10/01/2018 16:41:03
Your Self-Assessment Tax Return for 2016/17
10/01/2018 16:36:14
I am a pensioner earning small occasional income from book sales as I was a registered part-time self-employed author prior to retirement
from P.A.Y.E. full-time work in 2015/16 tax year
I am seeking simplified tax-return advice as my expenditure will always exceed the earnings from this work - please advise whether a special return questionnaire could be emailed to me given these circumstances - i.e. tailor-made

Simplified Tax Return Advice

11/01/2018 11:59:14

Unfortunately we do not e-mail returns but there are different filing methods available.

How do you complete your return at the moment? Is it online or by post, and if by post is it a full tax return or short tax return that you complete?

Kind regards

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