Claiming for use of car and submitting a tax return

11/01/2018 08:51:20
Hi my name is Vanessa kent I started as a self employed healthcare professional in September 2016 , i was single at the time , i have got my own liability insurance which costs me £70 pound a year , i also use my car to drive to clients , where on the form can I claim some money back for this ? Do I have to submit a total figure ? Or do I have to send attach all the individual petrol receipts? Also I am with an agency who take a percentage of my earnings but I am actually responsible for my tax returns, how do I submit my earnings to the tax office ??
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Re:Claiming for use of car and submitting a tax return

11/01/2018 09:17:27
You don't claim money back as such. You prepare an income and expenditure account. You can chose whether you claim 45p per mile driven on business with no claim for capital allowances or claim the fuel and other vehicle costs restricted to the business percentage together with a claim for capital allowances on the market value of the car when you started trading at 18 or 8% depending on the car's emissions. These must be restricted to business use and also for a short period. The agency income can be treated as part of your business if they are treating you as self-employed..