Personal Tax Account and Self Assessment Account

11/01/2018 08:56:34
How can I link my personal tax account with my self assessment account? I have a part time job where I'm employed and a self employed part time job and would like to see all my info on 1 account. The way I currently access my self assessment is through the post office verify but I can't find how to access it from a HMRC account to link the 2. Also how do I delete an account as I think I may have created multiple personal tax accounts by mistake?

Personal Tax Account and Self Assessment Account

11/01/2018 15:31:38
Hi there,

You will need to enrol for Self-Assessment online via the Government Gateway and will then be able to link your Self-Assessment to your Personal Tax Account.

In order to do this:

1. Go to gateway.gov.uk
2. Select "Enter the Government Gateway" and sign in with the Government Gateway userID and password you use for your Personal Tax Account.
3. Select "Self-Assessment" under "services you can enrol for" and follow the enrolment process.

Once this is complete you will get a message confirming your enrolment and then receive an activation code in the post within 10 days.

You should then log in and activate the Self-Assessment service using your activation code. This will then allow you to get to your Self-Assessment by clicking that option on your Personal Tax Account.

You are unable to delete Personal Tax Accounts. In this case, simply continue to use the one you have linked your Self-Assessment to.