Currently, I have been filling the Corporation Tax Return myself for my own ltd as it made lost and really did not have many numbers entered into the boxes. I have previously submitted the Tax Return successfully until now at the Neal final stage, the error messages jumped up while entering the Opening Balance (AC215)number, which it should be number at 3April 2014 on the Profit and loss account last year as follows:

The is a problem with this form:
The current period total must tally with the profit and loss account value in the balance sheet. Check your answers and amend where necessary.

As I know that AC74=AC187 and AC75=AC218.

I have checked with my local accountant, and they said I entered the correct "opening balance"AC215 number, also I contacted HMRC online support team and they are nice and responded me with 2 working days. However, they still can not help me solve this problem Therefore. I am still unable to submit the Tax Return ASAP although they have spoken to me and extended the deadline for me until 14 April, 2017.

So I doubt that it might be a problem with the software if the numbers I entered are correct!

Any Accountant Advisers or Experts can help, please? Many thanks. Ice