Jobseekers/ ESA - effect on Tax Return

12/01/2018 10:06:24
Posted by Lacey.

12/01/2018 09:48:06
I have been unemployed since Febuary 15th 2017. How will that effect my tax return. Tax year 2016/17. Is there a section on the tax return form I need to fill in to reflect this. How does claiming benifts Jobseekers and ESA effect my tax return if i am no longer self employed. Please help

Jobseekers/ ESA - effect on Tax Return

12/01/2018 13:12:30
Hi Lacey,

When completing your 2016/17 tax return you will be required to enter when your self-employment ceased trading.

The tailor your return section will ask 'Did you receive any UK pensions, annuities or state benefits, for example, state pension, occupational pension, retirement annuity, Incapacity Benefit?' - select yes, and when completing this section you will be able to enter any Jobseekers and ESA that you received during that tax year.

To notify HMRC that you have stopped self-employment please complete the 'Tell HMRC you’re stopping self-employment' form on www.gov.uk/stop-being-self-employed

Kind regards