Do I report PAYE employment in the tax year as well?

12/01/2018 16:24:21
Hi, I have a hobby business which is UK based and requires a Tax return each year. On completing this I am also asked to include all employment income (even if taxed at source) which I did. The hobby business made a small loss therefore no tax required on this; however the calculation taken from figures of the P45 and P60 claims that I have somehow underpaid my annual tax in the two jobs in which I was employed and now owe a lump sum of over £600 to be paid by 31 January 2018. The only reason I self assess is because of the hobby business. I was under the impression that any tax issue relating to employment is sorted by the appropriate employers. Can you please advise if I have to pay this 'underpaid' tax or is there a way I can remove them from my return legally and just report the business? Thanks

Re:Do I report PAYE employment in the tax year as well?

12/01/2018 16:49:06
Hello Jamjar

With the information provided here it is not possible to state why the underpayment has occurred. If this is unexpected then I would suggest that you contact the helpline to discuss this and they will be able to check why the underpayment has arisen. They can be contacted on 0300 200 3310.

Kind regards