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Employment expenses and 16/17 tax return

22/01/2018 19:10:32
I have a form Summary of Benefits Received - 2016/2017 from my employer. The boxes are filled in as follows:

Letter: E
Benefit: 12
Description: Mileage Allowance
Gross: -235.20
Contribution: 0.00
Net loss: -235.20
Business Miles: 14704
Amount Paid: £0.00
Lump Sum £0.00
Total Amount £5440.80

I cannot see how to enter this in the employment expenses section of my tax return and would be grateful for your help

Employment expenses and 16/17 tax return

23/01/2018 10:47:08
Hello Frances,

This board is now closed for questions , your question has been picked up on the main forum, tax return section, you'll get an answer back to you from there, please note we are running a live Q&A session on the 26th between 13:00 and 14:00 where you can post questions to advisers.

Re:Employment expenses and 16/17 tax return

23/01/2018 14:23:09

If an individual has received a copy of the P11D from the Employer for SA Return completion then the information has to be entered on the Employment page under the heading “Benefits from your employment-use your form P11D or equivalent information.

Please refer to the SA102 notes which confirms what the letters stand for. Letter E refers to Box 12 of the Employment page for the excess mileage allowance. If the individual was paid a mileage allowance for using own car for work over the approved mileage rate them put in the figures in section E of the P11D in Box 12. Online the heading will be “Vouchers, credit cards and excess mileage allowance”

Please refer to the following link;

Kind regards