Advanced Funding for SMP

06/04/2017 08:00:37
Hi, I thought I would try asking this question here is it is nigh on impossible to get through and speak to the correct person/department by telephone.

I successfully applied for and received advanced funding for SMP. The employees maternity period runs over the end/beginning of tax year, so submitted the required information for both periods. I received the first amount no problem. As we are now into the new tax year, I was wondering when the second part of the funding will be paid?

The first part was paid directly to business account.

A simple answer to this would be very much appreciated.


Re:Advanced Funding for SMP

18/04/2017 15:37:31
Hello Sebastalona

Apologies for the delay in responding but here is the answer to your query:-

Each year we publish new rates for statutory payments. Our Accounts Office has now changed the way they process claims for advance funding for statutory payments that span tax years - that is when two different rates will be due.
Claims received before new rates are published - We will send funds for the current year when the claim is processed and the remainder for the following tax year by 30 April.
Claims received after the new rates are published - We will send the full amount as one lump sum.

Thank you HMRC Admin 3