Tax Calculation

27/04/2017 12:00:18
I am self employed and employed and I submitted my tax return however the tax calculation is not picking up the tax code that was in use for me in the 2016/17 tax year. The tax code that was in use with my employer included additional allowances for things that I had claimed for expenses in relation to this job. I did not include this on my self assessment return as a result of it being include in my tax code and I thought that the tax calculation would have taken my actual tax code into account, should I have included these additional expenses within my tax return and is this the reason why my tax calculation is wrong?

Re:Tax Calculation

02/05/2017 13:51:08
Hi ayman8,
Yes, you will need to amend your return. Have a look at this link to find out how to do this https://www.gov.uk/self-assessment-tax-returns/corrections This should update your tax code.