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Thank you very much for your reply. Now my knowledge is much better then before. I know everything about Qualifying Care Relief. We've checked and calculated the qualifying care relief for each year and our total income received is less than the qualifying amount so we are exempt from tax. Now we're registering for SA and I have only 1 question: which date I have to put:

"Self Assessment (SA) for self-employed/sole traders (including Class 2 National Insurance contributions)
When did you start working for yourself or when did your trading allowance exemption cease?*
eg dd/mm/yyyy"
You said we have to check require the returns for previous years (what we did-no tax to pay), however we need to complete a Self Assessment Return for the year 2018/19. So it is mean that we have to register with date 06.04.2018? Or we need to put a date when Fostering Service Provider approved as a foster carer, few years ago? Unfortunately I am not sure and I do not want to make any mire mistakes.

Thank you in advance
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Hiya. I'm new to the payroll system. Each month for the monthly submission we send a cheque. However for the August payment the amount due was shown as a minus amount. do I need to do anything regards this. Thanks.
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Please can you confirm that HMRC are continuing to apply MTDfV in respect of those voluntarily registered for VAT (i.e turnover < £85000 from 01/04/2020?

I recently asked HMRC and they just sent me this link which does not specifically address the point I raised.

The reason for asking is that we want to ensure our client base is fully versed before introduction, however, if HMRC will not be imposing the new MTDfV rules on those voluntarily registered from April 2020, we do not want to waste resources.

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I have a question on behalf of my employers

We are VAT registered (Cash Basis)
We recently combined three existing sole trader businesses into one, two of which were VAT registered.

The accounts for the business that was not Vat registered was set up as accrual basis, not cash and we invoiced well in advance taking a non refundable deposit payment, leaving a balance to pay months ahead, when service was used.

Now that we have combined the three businesses into one an VAT registered cash basis business, is it correct that when we recieve the balance payments for invoices carried over to new business from the old, we must pay VAT on those balance payments recieved? Those invoices are not excempt from VAT output just because the invoice was issued before the merger of business took place?

If I am understanding this correctly, all sales payments recieved from when the new combined business started are classed as new business and should include VAT?

Of course I will not include these balance payments in old business accounts, will just record the deposit taken.
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Thanks it is not a Nannies, I have a nursery child minding business.. and have four staff working for me... My previous accountant has not claimed the allowance, just wanted to check how do it reclaim this back ?? for last year???

The help line number is always busy, and I tried few time with 40 mins of average waiting time, no success!
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My company is on annual paye scheme,

I have recently changed my accountant.

We started changing accountant in December 2018 but the professional clearance was only got in April 2019! - old accountant were not cooperating in any way to me or to the new accountant - the main reason for me to change!

When we changed the accountant, the old accountant did not inform to me or to the new accountant about this annual paye scheme! i.e. one payroll for the full year!! So it was never done!

Now when my new accountant is preparing the accounts for last year, he asked me to provide the p60 or payslips as it was not provided by the old accountants when the professional clearance was requested.

I asked my old accountant to give me p60 and payslips for 2018/19 as requested by the new accountant, the old accountants told me that my company is on annual paye scheme and they did not issue any p60 as they have never done any payroll??

and asked me to go to new accountant??

As the new accountant was not aware of this until today, my company had practically not done last years' annual paye scheme reporting?

Any advise on correcting and submitting the above would be greatly appreciated... can I ask my new accountant to submit the last years' annual paye reporting now? is it too late now??

Thank you in advance

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Can a director with a salary of £8000 per year pay his NI during his Self Assessment tax return, or does he have to set up a PAYE system with his LTD?
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We are trying to file our quarterly return May to July , however the dates on line when trying to submit are not correct the quarter is showing as three days only! We have spoken or tried to speak with HMRC almost on a daily basis and was told two weeks ago it would take 5 working days to change dates. Over two weeks later dates are still wrong despite daily conversations with HMRC who tell me only the MTD department can change dates.We cannot file our VAT return and this has meant our August processing is now three weeks behind. Has anyone else had this problem with online dates and if so how long to fix or how did you get the fix. Even HMRC could not get hold the MTD department yesterday they told me they were not answering phones to them.

My colleagues and I have spent over 5 hours waiting to speak with someone in HMRC, service is appalling.

Any help would be appreciated
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The reply doesn't mention that if the tenants have had the costs of the replacements deducted from their deposit or paid for by them then these expenses cannot be used to reduce tax liability of the landlord.
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The new room (where I rent) has to be a certain size to be considered and rented out as a "bedroom". If the room is too small, it is not allowed to be used as a bedroom.
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Hi there

Trying to sign up for MTD.

I've entered my partnership details, UTR and postcode but i'm getting the error

"We could not confirm your partnership"

Can you please help?

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I have just signed up for MTD VAT returns, do I have to complete a new Direct Debit mandate to replace the mandate already in use?
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If a fostering service offers cash incentives to foster carers to help them recruit additional foster carers, should the incentive be included in the foster carer's turnover? If the incentive is paid as shopping vouchers, should it be included in the foster carer's turnover?
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Hi. On our online business account there are 2 "team members" listed. I set up so the access so that after inputting Gvt Gateway id and password, the access code is sent to my phone. There may be occasions where the other team member has to log on. How do we set that up so that they can access the account without the access code going to my phone? Many thanks
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Hi. Given that, once signed up we're not allowed to use our online account to submit the VAT return, is there any way of sending a test submission of the returnto ensure that we can iron out any floors before sending the live submission? Many thanks.