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The discounts would not need to be recorded for PAYE/NIC purposes as there would be no actual cost to the employer therefore no benefit to declare.
I have further referred the matter now to my technician for details re company accounts and wil update regarding this ASAP..
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I have been advsed that you should call the ir35 helpline on 03001232326 as the query is difficult to explain over email.

Regards and thanks
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The flight would be an expense to be claimed through the employer's business accounts and returns - see guidance here:

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Hi there,

I have now submitted your query for technical advice and will get back to you as soon a s possible.
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Please see this guidance on record keeping which give appropriate advice:

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Please see this statement taken from Gov.UK:

"You’ll get a 12-digit activation code within 10 days of enrolling for a new online service, or 21 days if you live abroad."

Full details can be found here:


The activation number is sent by post for security reasons

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Hi again,

Here is some technical guidance - I trust this will be of some help.

"If I am reading this correctly, the director is buying a flat in the country where he resides. If he then sets aside one bedroom for business purposes, he will be able to charge the UK company for using “home as office”, which will entail claiming heating/lighting etc. on a pro rata basis.

If he googles “home as office” he will get quite a few helpful hits, including HMRC and one from an accountancy firm that included a calculator which may be useful."

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Hi skoshkarev,

Your enquiry has been submitted for technical guidance and a response will be posted in due course.
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Hi Gass,

Thanks for your query - you will need to log into your account to view an accurate statement as payments on account will not appear at the time of your tax return submission. You do not make any adjustment to your tax return in respect of payments made - they are not allowable expenditure and there is no place or box on the return where you should record them.

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Hi Hanna,

Please see the questions below from our VAT technician and let me have your reply as soon as is practicable.

"Could you please answer the following questions to help me resolve your query:

What type of service are you providing?
Which country are you located in when you provide the service?
Do you have a business establishment in the UK and/or France?
Are you currently registered for VAT in the UK?"

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Please see below the reply from our Self Assessment technicians to the first 4 points raised - a reply regarding the VAT query will follow.

"If you will be UK resident then you would be required to register as self-employed and file a tax return. There is tax residence indicator that can be done online on gov.uk to determine your residency position and information on this is available here

https://www.gov.uk/guidance/hmrc-tools-and-calculators#residence and https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/rdr3-statutory-residence-test-srt

Depending on the level of your self-employed profits you may be required to pay national insurance as there is no exemption for being a student.

Information for registering as a self-employed and for national insurance is available on gov.uk as follows:




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Hi, Please accept my apologies for the delay in posting this reply - here is the response from our technical advisor:
"Briefly, under both scenarios the transactions would be caught by FA2003 s53 deemed market value where transaction involves connected company; none of the exceptions from the deemed MV rule [FA03 s54] apply. This means the MV is the minimum chargeable consideration figure before any available relief.
You don’t say if the partners are individuals, I assume they are, in which case FA03 Sch15 Para 18 would then apply to effectively provide proportionate relief on the change in ownership. The amount of relief depends on the relationship of the partners (ie if connected persons) and the somewhat complex calculation is set out under Para 20. Where the partners are all bodies corporate then Para24 sets out the applicable statute for calculating any apportioned relief."

Regards and thanks
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Hi Liliana,

Please see Public Notice 702 (Imports) paragraph 2.2 on how VAT is charged and collected.


This forum only has technical expertise to answer the VAT questions covered in the Public Notice referred to in the above link. For queries on customs procedures please call 0300 200 3700 and speak with an excise colleague.

Regards and thanks,
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Hi Kelly,
The company has to file online and if it has a turnover of £632,000 or less, (£316000 or less in Balance Sheet), 10 employees or less ) this allows for simpler accounts to be filed, but the screens for online filing cannot be changed. The screen will ask for the required information, depending on the company’s response to each query. The starting point is that the Company has to have a fully balanced set of accounts, the information from which is then entered onto the CT600. If the required information is not entered, then the system will not allow completion to go any further.
I hope this has helped clarify matters for you.
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Hi Ifey,
The company will be registered with HMRC Corporation Tax directly from information supplied by Companies House.

A letter (CT41G ‘Information for new companies’) will be issued to the registered office address shortly after incorporation giving further information. It will explain what to do next if the Company is active/trading or not.

The link below gives information/definitions re when a company would be considered active or dormant.


If you do not consider the Company to be trading or likely to start trading in the near future, then you would write to CT Services or contact the CT helpline to advise that the company is dormant.