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A collection and book are inspired by nautical instruments, so research costs are incurred when researching how nautical instruments work, their history and cultures, the people renowned for using them - all so that they can be realistically and authentically written about and re-created visually. They are all incurred wholly, necessarily and exclusively for the business.

Which of these research costs are allowable?

Can I claim museum membership and admittance (where relevant for the book/design eg National Maritime Museum)?
Can I claim travelling expenses to the museum?
Can I claim costs of acquiring props/equipment to study and books/manuals about them?
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Can I now claim the full expense of all tools and equipment in the year of purchase if the total amount of the asset pool is lower than the threshold for that period?

Are there any exceptions? Mine are mainly sewing machines, storage, office equipment and craft tools.

If I acquired the equipment as a pre-trading expense, do I need to apply the rule/threshold for the year it was acquired or will they all come under the rule for the year my business commenced trading?
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I have registered a Trademark with both the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and internationally through the WIPO under the Madrid Protocol.

Are the costs of registering it allowable? Do I claim the expense in full or do I need to write the expense off over the lifetime of 10 years?

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I understand that I can claim expenses up to 7 years before my business officially began trading.

Do the same rules apply to pre-trading expenses as they do to trading expenses? Are there any exceptions?

Do these need to be categorised or claimed as one bulk expense?

If I have assets that I'm bringing into my business that I either do not have a receipt for or are older than 7 years, am I able to claim an amount for what they are worth at the date trading begins?

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Design inspiration

I'm a fashion designer and use books and journals for inspirations for the products I sell. Am I right in thinking these are allowable?

Design Reference

I also have a library of sewing technique books that I use for reference or manuals - are these allowable?

Business books

I have a few books on marketing, branding, business which I refer to so that I can do my own marketing, branding and business management rather than employ someone to do these tasks for me. Are these allowable?