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Hmm, we didn't see that. But he was able to sort everything into categories,so just did that. Maybe we can find it next year if we do it at the same time and can compare what we see!
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I'm helping my husband do his self-employment self-assessment. I could have sworn when I did mine I was able to put just one value in for expenses, rather than breaking it down into the various categories, but we can't seem to find that on his pages. Can he just put one value into "Other business expenses"?

And if it must be broken down, under what category would the simplified expenses for working from go? Would it be "Other" or one of the "Rent" or "Repairs" categories?
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It looks like there has been a change in time limits for carrying losses forward - in the HS227 sheet from 2016 ( it says "The time limit for claims against profit of the same trade is 5 April 2020.", whereas the current sheet ( doesn't say anything about a time limit.

I have two questions related to this:
(1) Am I correct in that now losses can be carried forward against profits of the same trade indefinitely until they're all used up?
(2) What does this mean for losses from last year and before - can this still be carried forward indefinitely, or must I use the losses I reported on my 2016 self-assessment by 2020?

Thanks very much.
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I'm helping a friend with his UK self assessment (having done it for myself last year), but his is much more complicated than mine.

He is a US citizen, thus required to file and pay US taxes on world-wide income even though he is a UK resident. What I'm trying to figure out now is whether the same is true for the UK as well? He has some US income where all related expenses and income are solely within the US (e.g., he purchases stock during a visit to the US and sells it there as well) - does this need to be reported to HMRC, or only to the US?

Thanks very much.